Convert Microfiche to PDF

Thanks to the beauty of the internet, it has never been easier to finding a solution to convert microfiche to PDF. Damian Hospital and have decades of experience with microfiche scanning and through the use of the internet can reach out to more people who need to convert microfiche to digital image (PDF, TIFF, or JPEG). Generation Imaging provides wholesale pricing and very low flat rate fees if you just have a handful of fiche or even for just one card.

Some potential clients are hesitant to send out their fiche in the mail, but Generation Imaging has never had a shipping mishap and your media is secure at G.I.’s office in Davie, Florida. Generation Imaging prides itself on meeting deadlines and its internal quality control methods. If you want to convert microfiche to PDF, you can rest assured your fiche are in capable hands. You can join other satisfied clients: Generation Imaging Testimonials.

convert microfiche to PDF

The cost to convert microfiche to PDF, TIFF, or JPEG depends on the volume (number of cards + number of frames on the cards) and if there are any indexing parameters or image enhancements/processing (such as OCR- Object Character Recognition).

Generation Imaging does not engage in any “bait and switch” tactics, scanning subcontracting, overhype our capabilities to convert microfiche, or lies about due dates. If anything changes during the scanning process (like if the fiche wasn’t as described or some fiche were of a lower quality than the initial test) you would be notified immediately.

The final product can be of any format or filing system you’d like. When we convert microfiche, we can create single page images or multi-page images. Images can be scanned at any DPI resolution. Folders can be named however you’d like. CONTACT US