Info About Computer Output Microfilm and COM microfiche

Computer Output Microfilm is the process for transferring data from stored on computers to 16mm microfilm or .

What is the machine which creates this?  Using lasers and a processor, the data from the PC is copied to microfilm or microfiche. The fiche or film is then developed after it is exposed to light.

Computer Output Microfilm is used a solution for large organizations that want to see a reduction of paper.

computer output microfilm

It also provides away to preserve records for archival purposes.

Computer Output Microfilm and COM fiche can be converted to digital image via microfiche scanning, a service that Generation Imaging offers.

Digital images save even more space and takes COM systems to the next level, sort to speak.

Converting Computer Output Microfilm to digital image is useful for organizations who need:

  • computer printouts
  • reports, such as tax assessment documents, which have many pages
  • a large distribution of images is required
  • Images must be transferred or copied

By the way, I know how awkward it sounds to say Computer Output Microfilm and calling it COM fiche (which is similar to saying ATM machine). The correct terms should be Computer Output Microform, but hardly anyone in the industry uses microform (which can be microfiche, microfilm, or aperture cards). It could be why so many people get all three confused.

Anyway, please contact Generation Imaging for a COM microfiche scanning solution. G.I. scans all sorts of analog media, so don’t hesitate to ask us if we can help you in any way. CONTACT US