Microfiche Scanning Pricing for Governments

generation imaging

If you’ve ever worked for the government, you know budgets are a big deal. Managers and executives within Federal agencies and State government frequently have very difficult decisions to make. They have projects that need to get done and constraints that limit their ability to act. Yet when a project is mandated by law, such as digital conversion of microfilm and microfiche, the government executive has to find the way to get it done.

If you are a Federal or State official and have an upcoming microfilm conversion project, you want a microfilm scanning company with an experienced workforce to handle your images, as well as low prices to get the most out of your limited resources. The company you want to turn to for your digital backup project of important government records is .

For years, Generation Imaging has handled digital conversion projects for government. We are experts at microfilm, microfiche, and aperture card scanning. You want a company that can deliver readable images for your end users, be it law enforcement or property appraisers. Providing high quality .tif or .pdf images is an important public service, which allows the quick access of important data. Allow Generation Imaging the opportunity to convert those microfilm and microfiche images on your behalf.

Your government department has thousands of images safely stored on film. Now it is time to bring that data out of the archives, and into the hands of people who serve the community and need that information fast. Turn to Generation Imaging, the leader in microform conversion, to scan those images for you. Contact us today. CONTACT US