Microfiche Conversion

Microfiche scanning services include the conversion of: 16mm jacketed microfiche, 35mm jacketed microfiche, silver halide original microfiche, duplicated microfiche, rewritable microfiche, large format oversized microfiche, COM fiche, step-and-repeat microfiche, ultrafiche, and combo 16mm 35mm, positive fiche, negative fiche, and jacketed microfiche.

Generation Imaging provides the best quality microfiche scanning services at the lowest prices in the industry. Your microfiche conversion to PDF, TIFF, or JPEG will be done at wholesale microfiche scanning prices.

Generation Imaging uses the latest generation of microfiche scanners to produce the best quality bi-tonal or grayscale images.  Generation Imaging operates high-volume microfiche scanners with no middle-men or corporate overhead, and therefore offers the lowest best pricing in the microfiche digitization industry. Generation Imaging’s staff has scanned over a billion images for clients in virtually every industry. CONTACT US